Why Use Gemini

Exclusive features. Through our parent companies, Gemini has exclusive access to one of the largest consumers of scrap steel – not available to other scrap companies. Also, Gemini utilizes the largest private fleet of high-capacity scrap rail gondolas. In addition, Gemini operates with exclusive technology, proven superior in scrap processing at large industrial generators of scrap.

Long-term Relationships. Our focus is on the long term, not the current transaction. We operate to generate the most value for our customer in the long run. And it shows: at most of our customers, we have been providing these scrap management services for over a decade.

Experience. Gemini's industrial team offers extensive experience, each with an average 20 years operational and marketing expertise.  We can help you optimize all aspects of your scrap management program.

Integrity. Our transactions are transparent, and easily audited. Our contracts are brief, clear, easy to understand and without “surprises”. We are proud of our excellent reputation and work hard to maintain it.

Reliability. You are not in the scrap business. That’s our job. We make sure that our job does not interfere with yours, and that scrap does not get in the way of your core operations.

Financial Strength. Gemini is backed by FPT and DJJ, recognized throughout the industry for financial strength, reliability, integrity, and innovation.