Scrap Marketing: Gemini has exclusive access to one of the nation’s largest consumers of scrap metal, and near universal access to all other consumers of scrap metal in North America. The experienced staff of DJJ, FPT and Gemini works in concert to market your material; which allows us to obtain optimal value for your scrap metal.

Design or improve your scrap management system: Gemini designs entire scrap management systems, including take-away from the scrap-generating equipment (i.e. presses or blankers), central scrap collection, scrap processing, and loading out. These systems are designed to require minimal to no plant down-time for maintenance and repair, to be minimally disruptive to traffic flow in the plant, and, most importantly, to maximize your scrap revenue. 

On-site scrap processing: Gemini can operate on-site to improve the value of your scrap, and to decrease transportation costs to the final consumer.

Remote monitoring/automated operation: We provide remote monitoring services ranging from determining when to schedule a scrap pickup, to remote monitoring the state of equipment, to schedule major and minor maintenance or repair. Automated operation ranges from scrap processing to scrap loading.

Capital projects & financing: Gemini partners with you to install capital equipment at your facility to process and handle scrap. The projects can be designed for you to purchase the equipment over time (if preferred from a portion of the scrap proceeds), or for Gemini to retain ownership.

Transportation & Logistics: Gemini manages the scrap removal, using rail equipment, live-load trailers, or drop-boxes and drop-trailers. Gemini has access to a private fleet of over 2,000 high sided, high cubic capacity rail gondolas. Our services include fleet management.

Integrated administrative and reporting functions: Gemini automates and integrates the administrative aspects of the scrap transactions, providing scale integration and many forms of EDI. We adapt the scrap management system to your administrative and accounting systems and practices – all while making sure all components are easily verifiable and auditable.

Consulting: Gemini consults on any scrap related issues, backed by our logistics, engineering and marketing experts.

Certified part destruction: Gemini certifies parts destruction and has you witness parts destruction. Gemini does not sell parts, all production scrap is re-melted.